Gitlab Repository Management Book Review

Jonathan M. Hethey published a book Gitlab Repository Management about open source code collaboration software GitLab on PACKT Publishing. As a long term administrator, user and supporter of Gitlab I volunteered to give a review.


GitLab is written in Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and supports MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. It’s completely free and open source, distributed under MIT licence.

There’s a good chance that organisations who prefer or have to host their project repositories in proprietary SCM infrastructures have been considering implementation of Gitlab. However, there is still lots of questions to be answered: Is Gitlab secure? Is it complex to maintain, update and bugfix Gitlab installation? How does Gitlab manage users and teams? How does Gitlab track issues and does it allow users to easily communicate? Will we be able to review code updates and manage pull requests? Can a repository activity be observed? Ok, we’ll have Gitlab installed but now what? Will Gitlab help our developers and supervisors from day one?

The book answers those and many other questions. Readers will go through Gitlab configuration and setup for hosting projects in a flash.
Description of the essential Gitlab plumbing, features and its added value, practical guidance through setting up a project repository, branching and affiliated workflows is well structured and well arranged.

The book is useful for administrators from page one. Those who are interested in using Gitlab without the need to configure it can start reading from chapter four.

Basics of ssh protocol, ssh authentication and ssh configuration as well as Git crash course will become very handy.


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